Traditional, Texas Style BBQ, all smoked on-site, along with great burgers and fried chicken at Coorparoo Square.

What’s “Texas Style BBQ”?
It’s ‘dry rubbed’ with spices and smoked over ironbark hardwood for 8-12 hours, and the sauce is only added at the time of serving.

We smoke meat. We also make some tasty burgers and crispy fried chicken, but mainly, we smoke meat. Beef brisket, beef ribs, pork butts, pork ribs and sometimes chicken, pork belly burnt ends and whatever else steps in front of us.

We’re not American, but we loved the American approach to BBQ – it takes a hell of a lot longer than putting a few snags on the grill though, it’s hours and hours of laborious, hot, smokey work. And it tastes bloody amazing.

There’s all sorts of smoked BBQ styles that can vary subtly or greatly, from South Carolina to North Carolina; Kansas City to Memphis.

No gas, electric or pellet smokers here. Only Australian coal and hardwood is used to smoke our BBQ on ProQ GFC smokers.

We use gidgee charcoal produced in the Aussie outback for our main heat source, and then a few varieties of wood for flavour, including primarily ironbark and pecan for our beef smoking and ironbark, apple and cherry for our pork.

Our meat is all sourced from ethical produces such as Cape Grim beef, and Kingaroy pork.